1. Hi! sorry I’ve been absent lately! I’ve been working on some new comics that should be out real soon!

    I’ve also been really bad about keeping up with tumblr questions, but if you feel like asking something, send it my way and I’ll try to do a big Q&A post soon~


  2. apparently it’s draw your cat in a dress day, and I could not resist.


  3. kirbysdreamzine:


    I’m Dreaming of a New Zine

    A new adorably cute Kirby-inspired zine is here! The Dream Zine is chock full of colorful artwork from 71 artists, all curated by oddlookingbird. In fact, Ashley Davis had these zines for sale recently at TCAF, and she completely sold out! If you weren’t able to snag one then, grab one now~

    IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy this thing!! Thanks so much to Fangamer for publishing it!

    I have a piece in this zine too~


  4. hi. hello. read my comic!

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  5. I drew Jeremiah for this animal crossing collab!

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  6. this was gonna be my submission to Ghibli Jam but I’m TOO LATE, oh well.

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  7. started watching pokemon in the bg while working on comics, here’s a super quick fanart.

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  9. not so much


  10. my Egg Princess for @jmieldesigns’ Miyazaki collab on twitter


  11. hourly comic day was saturday!! this is my first one since 2011 i think.

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  12. one of those days

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