1. hourly comic day was saturday!! this is my first one since 2011 i think.

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  2. one of those days

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  3. i’ve been drawing this guy a lot, i guess he needs a name?


  4. i’ve never actually seen a cat, just read about them on the internet

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  5. oh here’s some experimental thing

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  7. self-portrait as a warm bunny

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  8. Yo, please fund the Bee & Puppycat Kickstarter!! I love this cartoon so much. ❤

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  9. i drew fanart of that one dog costume

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  10. Hi!! Come see me at SPX this weekend! I’ll be at table 10A/11A and willhave alllll this stuff for sale~ Hope to see you there!


  11. midnitesurprise:


    Good morning!!!

    We’re now in the final week of funding for I Was A Teenage Anime!

    As promised, here’s a little sneak peek at some of what we’re offering. Looks pretty great, right? I’m really proud of all of our friends for producing such awesome work.

    Go on and donate, there’s only 6 days left!


    thats me in the corner…. thats me in the top…. right.. losing my prescription……………

    mine is the cat!! …because of course it is the cat…


  12. busy