1. busy


  2. i’ll punish you

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  3. Hi, here’s a raichu i drew for fun

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  6. Here are some pokemon I drew on we draw comics

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  7. here’s a li’l pixel doctorcat I made a while back.


  8. gastrophobia said: Reverse the tones on Dr. Cat so that he (she?) has a white coat.

    I tried this… not sure if I like it better. It’s more accurate, though! Also messed around with the colors for fun~

    edit: OK now the new version has grown on me, thanks gastrophobia!

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  9. self portrait thing… still trying to decide if i like the tones… um.


  10. uhh here’s a gif of my cat…clarence… you have to watch this one for a few seconds for max cuteness.

    these are for my website…


  11. hi hi hi hi


  12. :v

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