1. kirbysdreamzine:


    I’m Dreaming of a New Zine

    A new adorably cute Kirby-inspired zine is here! The Dream Zine is chock full of colorful artwork from 71 artists, all curated by oddlookingbird. In fact, Ashley Davis had these zines for sale recently at TCAF, and she completely sold out! If you weren’t able to snag one then, grab one now~

    IT’S FINALLY HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can buy this thing!! Thanks so much to Fangamer for publishing it!

    I have a piece in this zine too~


  2. busy


  3. i’ll punish you

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  4. Hi, here’s a raichu i drew for fun

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  7. Here are some pokemon I drew on we draw comics

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  8. here’s a li’l pixel doctorcat I made a while back.


  9. gastrophobia said: Reverse the tones on Dr. Cat so that he (she?) has a white coat.

    I tried this… not sure if I like it better. It’s more accurate, though! Also messed around with the colors for fun~

    edit: OK now the new version has grown on me, thanks gastrophobia!

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  10. self portrait thing… still trying to decide if i like the tones… um.


  11. uhh here’s a gif of my cat…clarence… you have to watch this one for a few seconds for max cuteness.

    these are for my website…


  12. hi hi hi hi