1. Was lookin’ through some old art to update my portfolio site and came across some stuff I had never posted here! I definitely wanna share some of the better drawings though! Here’s my piece from Kirby’s Dream Zine.


  2. this was gonna be my submission to Ghibli Jam but I’m TOO LATE, oh well.

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  3. started watching pokemon in the bg while working on comics, here’s a super quick fanart.

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  4. my Egg Princess for @jmieldesigns’ Miyazaki collab on twitter


  5. Here’s my Animal Crosszine comic in color! I think the zines are sold out, but you can still get it as a PDF…

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  6. i’ll punish you

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  7. Hi, here’s a raichu i drew for fun

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  8. eincomic:

    AHHHH!!! An Amazing Birthday Ein from the ever so talented and amazing Sarah! (Of Dr Cat MD fame!)

    Iza is a great dude who makes great comics, check em out!!

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  9. Kiki for this Ghibli Jam! I’m working on a couple more, hopefully I’ll finish em before it’s over.


  10. pachirisus for that pokemon redesign meme… i want to try it with another pokemon but i know i’ll just end up trying to make whichever one i get cuter and fatter…

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  11. Ramona for this contest!!!

    (+ a different outfit i didn’t end up using)

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  12. adventuretime:

    Mother 3 x Adventure Time

    Submitted by: digitalinkblots

    oh hi i made this a long time ago

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