1. this was gonna be my submission to Ghibli Jam but I’m TOO LATE, oh well.

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  2. started watching pokemon in the bg while working on comics, here’s a super quick fanart.

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  3. my Egg Princess for @jmieldesigns’ Miyazaki collab on twitter


  4. Here’s my Animal Crosszine comic in color! I think the zines are sold out, but you can still get it as a PDF…

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  5. i’ll punish you

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  6. Hi, here’s a raichu i drew for fun

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  7. eincomic:

    AHHHH!!! An Amazing Birthday Ein from the ever so talented and amazing Sarah! (Of Dr Cat MD fame!)

    Iza is a great dude who makes great comics, check em out!!

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  8. Kiki for this Ghibli Jam! I’m working on a couple more, hopefully I’ll finish em before it’s over.


  9. pachirisus for that pokemon redesign meme… i want to try it with another pokemon but i know i’ll just end up trying to make whichever one i get cuter and fatter…

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  10. Ramona for this contest!!!

    (+ a different outfit i didn’t end up using)

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  11. adventuretime:

    Mother 3 x Adventure Time

    Submitted by: digitalinkblots

    oh hi i made this a long time ago

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